How to make my files private on BestFile...

How to make my files private on BestFile?

How to make my files private on BestFile?

10-03-2023 12:30 PM Alen Crestan

As we know, when you upload a file to BestFile, it becomes available to search engines if you search for the download link.

But there are two options if you don't want to share your file publicly and want to keep it private and protected.


1. Password protection

Bestfile provides the feature of protecting files from unauthorized access with a password. You can lock your file and make it inaccessible until you hand over the password to the person you want to share the file with.

To do this just click on the lock icon at the top of the file when you upload it and set a password



When you set the password, you will be asked for it each time you want to upload your file.

In order to be able to delete the password, you must have an account, then press edit in the password field, leave it blank and save.

2. File access feature

You can change the status of your file from public to private from the "My Files" page, then click on "Edit Details".


By activating this feature, any download links will be disabled and you will be able to download your files from your account interface only.

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