Best way to upload and share your files...

Best way to upload and share your files on [2024]

Best way to upload and share your files on [2024]

29-08-2022 08:02 PM Alen Crestan

Many Internet users are searching for the best way to share files online with their friends on 2024, For this, you may consider trying our website service on, which enables you to upload and share your files for free with the following features:

- Upload files up to 5GB for each file.
- The possibility of uploading several types of files or images such as .zip, .mp4 and .png.
- Unlimited upload speed.
- Simple interface to manage your files.
- Share files via a publishable link.
- Download files from any device.
- Unlimited download speed.
- ...and more.


Surely you are wondering about the price of the file upload service
So don't worry, we offer a completely free file upload service :)


You can start uploading today!
Here's how to do it
Just go to this link
And start sharing your files easily!


If you want to manage your uploaded files, you must get a free account from here


That's it!
Enjoy uploading your files :)

Comments (1)
Deep Dhir

Deep Dhir

19-02-2023 09:17 AM

I registered and uploaded 2 files. Total size about 12 MB.
Tried to upload one file with mp4 extension size 2GB.
Got a Error message, "Entity Too Large. Error 413"[ used MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6. Hardware iMac mid 2012]
Browser Safari
Searched Google. Suggested the I empty Cache by using Safari Preferences > Advanced > Empty Cache.
Did the Same. Still the Problem Remains.
Any Help.

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